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In Port of Tarragona, Spain. April 14th & 15th 2016

According to the organisation, the aim of the congress is to analyse emerging challenges in the agrifood industry. The programme has taken European policy and global production into account as well as the possible effects of climate change and genetic modification on production. It will also address the impact of logistics on the provision of raw materials and on production as well as issues concerning the market and pricing, ports, maritime transport and the importance of the supply chain.

The contributions of all participants involved in production through to the industrial consumers of raw materials will be reflected in the various round tables which will provide a forum for debate on the most relevant issues currently facing the sector. The event will draw to a close with visits to the port’s facilities and integrated agrifood production centers. There will also be ample opportunity for networking.

30% of Spanish feed is produced in Catalonia with the region of Aragón representing a further 10% of total production. It can therefore be said that 40% of the Spanish total is produced in the hinterland of the port of Tarragona and the raw materials used in production pass through the port of Tarragona.

In addition to this, 50% of the Spanish pork industry is concentrated in Catalonia and Aragón and the sector consumes over 55% of all feed produced.
In 2014, the port of Tarragona handled 9.7m tons of solid bulk, resulting in the port ranking second in Spain and first in the handling of agrifood bulk cargo.
The port of Tarragona currently leads in agrifood bulk cargo in the Mediterranean with over 4.6m tons in 2014 (agrifood and livestock exports reached a total of almost 5m tons).

We will keep you updated of the latest news of the event during this two days, starting with the following timetable.

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