Interport Compensation Fund redistributed between the ports 37.8 million euros in 2016, similar to 2015. This amount was approved at a meeting between the State Ports and representatives of each port authority said Thursday. In it, the green light was also given to the contribution of the ports for 2016 at 4% of the operating result for the year (legal minimum set by the Ports Act), except for the ports of the Balearic and Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla, the percentage of contribution is 2%.


Barcelona Port – Picture by Bastien Deceuninck

The port of Barcelona is once again the largest contributor to the fund 4.2 million euros, followed by Valencia (3.5 million), Algeciras (2.8 million), Las Palmas (1.6 million) , Bilbao (1.4 million), Cartagena (1.3 million) and Tarragona (1.2 million). All these port authorities are making a greater contribution to a million euros and represent 50% of contributions to the fund. The port of Las Palmas is the largest recipient (7.9 million), followed by Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7.5 million), Melilla (2.4 million) and Ceuta (2.04 million). Meanwhile the Port Authority of Cadiz flights and Vilagarcía receive amounts exceeding one million euros each.

The president of State Ports, José Llorca, explained one of the peculiarities of the distribution of this year: «The committee, on a proposal of the State Ports has approved a contribution to the cruise dock Reef 20%. This is an important step and responds to the lack of sensitivity that the port of Las Palmas with minor ports» said Llorca to the media.

Over 34% of allocations (12.8 million euros) correspond to insularity, remoteness and special insulation; about 20% (7.5 million) for the maintenance of aids to navigation; for actions in the field of security, management, coordination and control of port traffic 10% (3.7 million); and the remaining 35.5% (11.9 million) for regular or extraordinary repairs, supervening situations, business investment and reorganization plans.

At the meeting, where the second point of the day was to address issues related to Port Accessibility Fund, approved authorization to enter a line of credit with the European Investment Bank (EIB) provided within the Plan Juncker, 105 million euros plus an extra ICO of 10 million euros. The Accessibility Fund provide the necessary liquidity in the management of loans to materialize in the background.

In addition, the meeting has been set general guidelines for the loan agreements Accessibility Fund. As explained by the chairman of the State Ports, José Llorca, these conditions, which are added which marks the European Investment Bank, established that when the ports do not pay or meet its obligations to the Fund Accessibility They enter into a process of financial normalization, as have lived in recent years the ports of A Coruña and Gijón. «This means that if a port not face the loan repayment fund will undergo accessibility,» explained Llorca.

Following the discussion and vote on the Compensation Fund, President of the State Ports presented the main macro-economic indicators scheduled for year-end 2015. Thus, the net amount of the turnover will amount to 1.021 billion euros, 1.7% more than in 2014, an increase of 2.8% in traffic expected to reach 495 million tons. Moreover, operating income will total 1,135 million euros, operating costs 955 million public investment to 729 million and 486 million private.

 Information of ElVigia by Sandra Lorente